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2016 Tree Appreciation Tour

Thursday, October 27, 2016

While the weather was questionable the trees were radiant!

On Saturday Sept. 17, 2016, the Aurora Community Arboretum hosted its first ever Tree Appreciation Tour in their now 20 year old Arboretum.

The 30 or so participants, including town councillors Wendy Gaertner and John Abel, braved the questionable weather and were treated to an overview of the Arboretum provided by ACA committee Chair Irene Clement. The tour provided a chance to see a wide variety of specimen trees and specific introductions to ten of the Arboretum’s finest trees.

What made the event even more special were the individuals we call “UFSS” - Urban Forest Super Stars. These are individuals who hold very responsible positions and represent both public and private organizations that provide programs and resources, including information on how to plant and keep trees healthy. In many instances these individuals are also known for their unique, interesting and inspiring way they demonstrate and share their expertise and passion for trees. Collectively these people provided over 150 years of practical experience in planting, maintaining and administering urban trees.

Following the planting of a commemorative tree, participants were treated to coffee and snacks and given the opportunity to have one on one conversations. Many personal tree memories were shared and many personal tree problems were solved.

All in all it was a great day and based on reactions from the participants the ACA was successful in igniting a curiosity and appreciation for the Aurora Community Arboretum and urban trees in general. ACA Director John Wilson, one of the organizers, attempted to put the importance of trees into perspective by saying, “While money doesn’t grow on trees, the economic, environmental, social and inspirational benefits we receive are priceless.”

A huge THANK YOU is in order for the individuals and organizations that participated:

  • Warren Hoselton, Parks Manager Toronto Island, Certified ISA Arborist and Canadian TREE Fund Trustee.
  • Natasha Keshavjee, Residential Planting Programs Assistant for LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests).
  • Sue Throop, Canadian Tree Fund Trustee and Tour des Trees Advocate.
  • Alison Morrison, Wellington County Green Legacy Program, Trustee Canadian Tree Fund.
  • Philip Davies, Manager, Forestry and Stewardship, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.
  • Sara Tienkamp, Supervisor of Parks, Parks and Recreation Department, Town of Aurora.
  • Jeff Stewart, Manager of Parks, Richmond Hill, Certified ISA Arborist, Past President of ISA, Ontario Chapter.

Given the keen interest in the work that these individual organizations do, we have provided links to these organizations on our Links page.

Hope to see you at the next Tree Appreciation Tour!

See more photos from the tour.