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Targeting the European Buckthorn Invader

Monday, November 21, 2016

On Friday, November 18th, a beautiful fall day, a small group of Arboretum volunteers gathered at the pine forest behind the Town Hall to tackle an invader. The target species - European Buckthorn. This is a small tree with berries and thorns.

The birds like the berries but not the seeds so these pass right through them resulting in an over abundance of seedlings every where.

The 2 hours spent pulling made a good dent in that section of the forest with 2,350 seedlings being removed.

Many, many years ago, these trees were brought over from Europe by farmers who planted the trees at the edge of their pastures to keep their cattle in.

Buckthorn Seedlings

Volunteer Removal Crew

Buckthorn Leaf

Post Seedling Removal