ACA News

Volunteer Treasurer Needed

Friday, March 15, 2019

The Aurora Community Arboretum is seeking a new Treasurer (Board position).

ACA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the establishment, growth and maintenance of an Arboretum and including restoration of diverse ecological zones in Aurora’s largest mixed use park. This 100 acre park is being developed for the enjoyment and education of Aurora residents and visitors. We operate under a current 10 year community partnership agreement (running to end 2028) with the Town of Aurora. All positions with the Arboretum are volunteer.

Skills and Experience

  • have knowledge of preparing the required journals and financial statements for Not-For-Profit Organizations in compliance to Canadian Accounting Standards
  • have knowledge of the current Corporations Act and aware of the pending 2020 Not For Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) regarding changes for Governance and Principle Standards
  • have knowledge of preparing and submitting corporate tax return for a Not-For-Profit Organization
  • have knowledge of directors and officers liability insurance and General Commercial Liability Insurance coverage
  • comfortable working within a board of directors environment as a team player to support the overall objectives of the organization to achieve annual goals
  • possess good interpersonal and communication skills


  • Prepare monthly sales, deposit and disbursements journals and perform required account reconciliations
  • Prepare monthly interim operational financial statements and annual financial statements in accordance to Canadian Accounting Standards for Not-For-Profit Organizations
  • Prepare and file Corporate Tax Return for a Not-For-Profit Organization
  • Perform treasury functions of maintaining liaison with bank, make deposits, process expense reports and supplier invoices in a timely manner in compliance to Town of Aurora Procurement Policy
  • Maintain and acquire GIC Investments held within Endowment Fund in accordance to GIC Investment Ladder Strategy
  • Comply to Canadian Accounting Standards for Not-For-Profit Organizations financial reporting
  • Comply to the current Corporations Act and forthcoming changes from the Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) for Governance and Principle Standards conducted by the ACA
  • Prepare annual capital budget for Town of Aurora Capital Budget funds in accordance to the current 2018-2028 10 Year Adopt a Park Agreement.
  • Track actual expenditures to budgeted capital budget on a monthly and cumulative year to date
  • Deposit donations made for ACA commemorative programs to the Town of Aurora and issue correspondence letters for commemorative donations and ACA Annual Member dues.
  • Maintain yearly ACA Members and Donors report
  • Liaise with insurance broker and provide information for annual premiums for directors and officers liability insurance and General Commercial Liability Insurance coverage for the ACA
  • Prepare and present Treasurer’s Report at Annual ACA General Meeting
  • Attend monthly ACA Board Meetings to provide Financial Position updates
  • Sustain good working relations with board members, volunteers, suppliers, financial institutions and Town of Aurora personnel for processing of financial transactions
To apply, please contact Marcia at