Flora Aurora 2008

November 2007

Flora Aurora, Phase One is underway!

In September and early October soil preparation was done for the planting of the Spring-flowering trees and shrubs that make up the first phase of Flora Aurora in the Arboretum. The photographs show how the space looks on November 2, 2007. The plant list was prepared and purchase was tendered for planting during the Spring '08 season.

In 2008

Flora Aurora planning with ColpacAurora Town Council provided the 2008 budget funds that got the Flora Aurora project well underway. Leisure Services (Parks) tendered for stock, placed the tender with Colpac, and in May final soil preparation and planting took place. We added 254 more trees and shrubs to the Flora Aurora area.

Some of the trees planted are conifers to create a shelter (especially in winter) for the more tender flowering trees and shrubs. When completed in a couple years, there will be about 1250 flowering trees and shrubs ... but we have made good progress. With a little time it's going to be beautiful!

Flora Aurora trees and shrubs

August 4 was Civic Holiday in Ontario - Simcoe Day, some people call it ... so many folks had a 'day off'. Not so for several members of the Arboretum. They spent the morning planting more trees and shrubs in Flora Aurora Phase One. They also started spreading mulch over parts of the Phase One area. We made great progress but there sure is a lot of mulch yet to be spread!

Flora Aurora planting
Flora Aurora mulch

'Mulching Days' on August 16 and August 23 brought continued improvement in Flora Aurora. We are cleaning up a lot of weeds from the wet summer as well as spreading the mulch.

Flora Aurora before weeding/mulching
Flora Aurora after weeding/mulching