June 2 and 3 were 'Moving Day(s)' in The Meadow.
A few years ago, before it as decided that The Meadow would remain a meadow, trees were planted in the meadow space. For The Meadow to succeed as a habitat for meadow birds we need to insure that the birds have adequate open space, without trees and bushes that can provide habitat for predators. That meant the trees had to go.
   We liked the trees ... it was their location that was the problem. So last year, through the Town of Aurora Parks Department, we applied for and received a grant from
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to help pay for moving many of these trees.
   We thought we'd move about 80 and use them to enhance a shelter belt along Industrial Parkway. In fact, we moved 140 trees in two days, using a contractor with a tree-spade, and our usual volunteers to help.

The photographs help tell the story.
We will have a better Meadow.
And we'll have a terrific shelter belt planting around 'Canine Commons'.
It's now September and the COLOUR in our new Shelter Belt is most encouraging. We have had only a little tree loss from the re-location project as well. 'Lookin Good!'
The 'Tree-Spade' came back to the meadow and moved conifers out of the meadow grasses and into Shelter Belt areas on both the East and West borders of The Meadow.
The shelter belt areas will get bigger, faster and meadow grasses will have less competition.